TIL: Industrial Uses of Ice!

This this weeks edition of Things I learned today (TIL)…ice is commonly used in loads of different industrial and manufacturing uses. Who knew?

As more and more industries are developed each day, so is the increase in the use of ice. Many big manufacturing companies are now using ice that it is becoming central in their day-to-day running of these industries. Today, there is virtually no single industry that will exclude itself from the use of ice. Whether it is in the manufacturing of plastics, bolts, chemicals, cement, steel, or even fertilizer, many manufacturing institutions are employing the use of ice. While there could be many, a few stand out in their use of ice. Continue reading

Web Based POS Software Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

pos-software-smThese days every business owner is looking for ways to cut costs and improve operations. Old fashioned point of sale systems usually required bulky cash registers and backup systems to be installed on site. However, modern internet based POS software has changed all that. Now all that is required is a PC, Laptop, or a tablet computer with a dedicated internet connection. Continue reading