Four No-Cost Tips to Save Power This Winter

power companies nzThere’s something special about those cold winter months.  Cosy nights in around an open fire, long hot showers after a day in the cold, and tucking down in a cosy room for a good night’s sleep.

Keeping warm and cosy during winter though can cost money.  So how can we save power during the winter months?  Are there a few tips that could make a substantial difference to your energy bills?  Yes!  The following article will discuss ‘no-cost’ ways of saving power this winter.

Tip 1 – Use Extra Layers

During the winter we all tend to pile on extra layers for heading outside, but may strip down to a chilly T shirt for indoors.  Of course none of us want to relax on the sofa after a day in the winter with layers of thermals and a hot water bottle!  However, wearing an extra layer in the house means you can still feel warm and cosy without your heaters being turned up so high.

When considering extra layers, don’t just think about your body.  An extra blanket on your bed will keep you cosily tucked in for the night without the need for a high radiator setting.

You may be surprised to learn that your power consumption rate can be reduced by as much as 10% by simply turning your temperature setting down by a single degree!

Tip 2 – Don’t Let the Heat Escape

Having your radiator pumping in a room that has open windows or doors is the perfect way to increase your power use!  Not your plan for the winter we presume!  Especially in the evening and during the night when temperatures drop, ensure all windows and doors are closed to conserve heat.  Don’t forget about overhead doors on attached garages.

Tip 3 – Sunny South

If your home benefits from south facing windows, be sure to open the curtains, blinds or drapes during the day.  You will be surprised at how much the rooms heats up and should consider spending more time in this room during the winter months if it is an un-used or rarely used space.  Don’t forget to close curtains or blinds in the evening to keep the heat in the room.

Tip 4 – Maintain a Clean Furnace

Dirty filters mean increased power use.  All that dust and dirt restrict airflow and ultimately hinder potential savings.  Inspect filters regularly and aim to clean or if necessary replace them every month.

Before the winter months set in take time to ensure your furnace is clean, well lubricated and at the proper adjustment.  Not only will this keep your furnace cost-efficient during the winter, but will reduce the risk of problems that could result in a significant repair bill.

So keeping warm and cosy this winter doesn’t need to cost the earth.  By remembering the above no-cost and easy to follow tips you can keep your home and family happy during the cold spell, whilst keeping your wallet happy too!