Creative Uses For Canning Jars

canning jarsCanning jars have a tendency to accumulate at the end of a long season. Since they’re made out of glass, it’s harder to recycle them or otherwise dispose of them. Besides, a crafty person like you would rather upcycle them anyway, right? Of course! Canning jars offer endless crafting opportunities, whether it’s giving them a new use around the house or using them in your latest gift or art project. The following is a small list of ideas for new canning jar uses.

  1. Flower vases. These glass containers are perfect for holding water, and flowers by extension. You can create beautiful bouquets either in the clear glass or decorate your new vases with paint, glitter, or other decals you would like to add. The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to redesigning canning jars.
  2. Clutter containers. Like with flower vases, you can paint your old canning jars to fit into your décor and become miscellaneous clutter containers. Make-up brushes taking over your bathroom counter? Paintbrushes threatening to overtake your crafting corner? Got change and no piggybank? Now those canning jars you have no use for are full of uses! Spring cleaner has never been so crafty.
  3. Food serving jars. Yes, those jars that once stored your canned goods in the pantry can now come out into the sun at your next party. Use the smaller jars to hold dip, pasta, or even soups for your guests to nibble at. Just make sure you clean the jars first so you don’t have odd flavors converging.
  4. Candle holders and party lights. Speaking of that party you’re throwing, it wouldn’t happen to be outside, would it? Ever wanted to hang up your own homemade lights or worried about causing a fire on a windy day? Place your candles in clear canning jars (or give them a thin layer of paint to give off a nice, colorful glow) and no longer worry about candles falling over or not being able to put candles in just the right place. These are great cheap but charming alternatives for outdoor birthday parties or even weddings.
  5. Wrap your gifts in them. Tired of wasting paper? Tired of cutting the paper to begin with? Now you no longer have to waste wrapping paper! Place your gift inside a canning jar and tie it off with colorful tissue paper or paint them over. You can even make it a tradition with your friends and family as a way to keep the gift giving season environmentally friendly.
  6. Make snow globes. Yes, it’s possible! For this you need to make sure you have a lid that fits snugly on your jar. Glue your object to the underside of the lid. Fill the jar with water, glitter, or confetti. Gently insert the object and seal the jar. Turn the jar over and place it on the lid, and you have an instant snow globe to tie the room together.
  7. Create planters. Get a special sprouting strainer lid to use as the top of your mason jar, or let it go open aired. Fill it with soil and plant your seeds. Voila! Watch your plants grow! You can grow things such as sprouts and beans without the need of the ceramic pots which aren’t as sturdy outside anyway.
  8. Turn it into a sprayer! You’ve got to water those plants you’re growing, right? Add a top nozzle to your jar and you’ll suddenly have a new water sprayer.

Canning jars offer endless creative possibilities. Next time your friends are over, encourage them to join you in an artistic endeavor with a batch of old jars. You’re guaranteed to see some amazing things.